Get the Dirt: The Farley Center

Have you gotten the dirt? Every other Thursday evening, F.H. King hosts a Get the Dirt Potluck Dinner, featuring a regional speaker with an enlightening presentation. A few weeks back, Mariela Quesada Centeno… Continue reading

Preserving the Plenty

What Wikipedia dubs “the process of treating and handling food to stop spoilage,” we like to think of as “the safeguard of nature’s bounty”: food preservation. On Thursday night, fhKing took a swing… Continue reading

Cucurbita maxima

As black cats, ghouls and freak fest tickets abound, F.H. King has prepared a little surprise of its own. During office hours of Halloween week, six bins of harvested pumpkins await visitors. Right… Continue reading

CSA Box of Fun.

I don’t get a CSA box because I work for F.H. King and my boyfriend works for a farm, and usually we can obtain whatever vegetable or herb it is we are craving. … Continue reading

The Land of Corn and Quinoa.

Born in a nation where many farmers don’t understand the long-term implications of the strains of genetically modified corn they grow, I never imagined that corn could be a beautiful and exotic food. … Continue reading

Time to Transplant: A School Visit and Harvest Handouts.

Yesterday afternoon garden director Matt Covert and I headed across town to Sandburg Elementary School with a small flat of brasiccas (mostly cabbage), tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and onions.  Invited by REAP farm-to-school nutrition… Continue reading

My Saturday, in Food.

I’ve been away for far too long.  The excitement of my pending graduation and new job as F.H. King’s Urban Ag Director have distracted me from keeping up with my usual to-do list. … Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year.

The growing season is right around the corner and everybody in the sustainable agriculture realm is finding time to get together.  Last weekend was the wonderful and inspirational MOSES conference, we’ve got our… Continue reading

MOSES: Our Weekend of Abundant Organic Information, Food and Coffee

Amazing small farmers and food policy advocates from around the Midwest, and many from much farther, alongside several Wisconsin students (and ten F.H. King members!) all traveled to La Crosse this weekend for… Continue reading

All Things Almond: F.H. Kingers attend a Slow Food workshop

I’m neither a vegan nor a vegetarian and I have never struggled with issues of gluten intolerance.  But I work at a restaurant that is proud to offer options for all dietary preferences… Continue reading