More Than Just a Garden.

What you may or may not know.

There is a collection of students on campus who hand out free fresh produce every Friday from May to October.

What you’re likely wondering.

If this group of people is actually organized, or if they are just people with a table and some leftover vegetables.

Why anyone would be willing to just give away delicious food.

What you need to know.

The magnitude of the organization and the land they harvest. There is definitely more to the story.  And that group of people is so much more than just a random collection of students who enjoy gardening.

Farming on a 2-acre plot beside the Eagle Heights community garden, F.H. King is a student organization that focuses on cultivating a community of people who are interested in sustainable agriculture.  The produce you see handed out every Friday of summer and early fall is harvested from that garden. And not only is anyone welcome to enjoy the produce, they are equally welcome to help tend to the land. Last year, F.H. King collected and handed out over $50,000 worth of fresh produce.

But this group of students is about more than just seed planting and pulling weeds.  Through workshops, internships, potlucks and speakers, F.H. King is both a great resource as well as a community.

As food and farming are making their way back into daily conversations, the noble work of F.H. King is becoming more and more relevant.  Michael Pollan began his persistent advocacy of all things garden-related in 1988.  Wendell Berry preceded him with similar insights.  But their influence and genius wasn’t recognized until recently.  The relationship between our food, our environment,  our communities and ourselves is vitally important.  And F.H. King, through its goals, its workshops and hopefully this blog, hopes to help you become a part of this new sustainable agriculture movement.

I truly believe this new garden and food movement is exactly what our society needs.

And so, this blog will share my story in F.H. King: the experiences, the knowledge and the values gained.  But even more, this blog aspires to share the experiences of  members who joined the sustainable agriculture movement in hopes of changing their little part of this world.

What you need to know is that F.H. King is so much more than a garden.