En route.

The time has come for my travels abroad, and I apologize for my absence during a pretty eventful time for F.H. King.

Seeds and seedlings are being planted.

The bike compost program is beginning.

The always well-attended Mushroom inoculation workshop approaches rapidly, with mushroom celebrities Kate Birkhauser and Noah Weatherton attending.

And the first harvest handouts of summer occurs only days after I return to beautiful (by then more sunshine-y and less windy) Madison.

I have dozens of ideas of things I want to share.  And the aforementioned should be discussed shortly after my return.

But for the next two weeks, I hope to find some sustainable lifestyles and culinary inspirations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  I’ll take an abundance of pictures and report at least some of my findings back to you.

Goodbye for now.  Enjoy the rest of May.  And get those gardens growing!