F.H. King’s newest addition: Full Cycle Freight!

Hello all, It’s Darin, one of the bike compost interns. I’ll be writing a few words while Lauren is on her travels

A great big welcome to the newly expanded and renewed bicycle trailer program run by FHKing.

This program has great aspirations for both the present and the future. Its main goal is to collect food waste and other compostable materials from around town and deliver it to the F.H. King garden where it can be turned into fresh, healthy soil. It also serves a function to deliver fresh produce from the garden to Harvest handouts on Library Mall while helping the organization with its general local transportation and hauling needs. This will of course happen through the sole use of bicycles and bicycle-hauled trailers.

the Logo for the FCF! thanks so much to miss Mel Ginther

The organization acquired a bike trailer in the winter of 2010 from Bikes at Work in Ames Iowa. Being a grand eight feet in length and having a 400-lb capacity, it’s a great piece of equipment.

Last year we used the trailer to collect food waste from Madison Fresh Market, Porchlight, and two housing cooperatives. These first trials went superbly, so the decision was made to further expand the use of the bike trailer!

Now in its first spring season, the newly named Full Cycle Freight is full up and running with 12 new interns, about 20 pick up sites, and the trailer being used 5 days a week.

An intern from last year, Victoria, uses the trailer to haul some lettuce down the lakeshore path to Harvest Handouts

Currently we are picking up from multi-faceted places, ranging from student households and housing cooperatives all the way up to larger places like the Madison Children’s Museum, Bradbury’s, UW departments, and the Underground Food Collective.

We are picking up the food waste-and making it into soil-so it can grow more food-which eventually creates more reusable waste. This is where the ‘full cycle’ term comes into play within our program. The beginning and the ends meet continually, just as in a bicycle wheel.

And it’s all just getting started, it’s only the second week of summer and we plan on using the trailer late into the autumn months. So there’s plenty of cycling to be had, and everyone is truly getting excited to get full use out of the trailer! So keep your eyes peeled for bikes, veggies, and good times.