Oh… hello school.

One day I hope to be a journalist, publishing stories much more frequently, but for now I prefer blogging   because I am able to personally apologize to my readers for any lack of consistency or neglect towards the blog.  Journalists just can’t do that.  They can’t not write for three weeks and then publish an article containing their excuses for not writing.  But I, as a blogger, can!

So here it goes.  As I’m sure is also the case for many of you, August rushed by and school suddenly imposed itself upon me before I had time to finish my long list of summer things to do.  In early August, I fit 3 or 4 interviews into one week, hoping to get the blogs written before school began.  You were supposed to receive blogs on the kombucha workshop, foraging workshops and super cool collaborative efforts of a phenomenal woman named Danna Olson related to green spaces and urban agriculture at the UW hospital and in downtown Madison.  As you may know, only one of those blogs actually got written.  I had to camp and visit family and attend a wedding and actually try and earn some money working before school would come and take up all my time.  This is not a unique story, but I feel you all deserve to know.  F.H. King still loves you, I’m just a procrastinator.

On a long bike ride yesterday, I began to think up some options for apologizing and making things up to you, my loyal readers (whoever you are).

  1. I will try, try, try my very hardest to get those two other blogs written in the next month (before school really explodes) as well as a lot of pictures and maybe even some words from the Bike the Barns event next Sunday (September 18th).
  2. Because I’m sure the blogs will be sparing over the next few weeks, I have an alternative plan that I’m really excited about.  As I sped home last night on the Capitol City trail loop south of town, I ignored my surrounding, desperately wanting to make it back in time to watch my beloved Packers.  But in just 3 miles of the trail, I witnessed 6 or 7 people sitting on benches, picnic tables or the ground in silence and in solitude, watching the sun go down.  I scolded myself for valuing a football team over a sunset.  So in an effort to try and remember to take time to appreciate the nature and beauty around me, I am embarking on a Sunset Challenge.  Every day for the next month, I am going to take a picture of the sunset regardless of where I am.  For ten minutes everyday, I’m going to put my life on pause and pay attention.  Every night when I return home, I will then post the sunset picture so you too can remember to appreciate nature as you transition back into school mode.
  3. And finally, I invite all of the F.H. King spring and summer 2011 interns to share their projects on the blog.  I know you will be briefly discussing them tonight at the potluck, but for those who can’t or aren’t attending, your projects still deserve to be shared!  You can write 4 sentences or 2000 words (or nothing at all), it is totally up to you and your enthusiasm about your project and experience with F.H. King over the last few months.  I would love some guest blogs to fill the space while I work to balance blogging into my scholarly life.  If you are interested in posting, e-mail me lwells2@wisc.edu and I can give you the user name and password (as well as useful tips on how to use wordpress).