Get the Dirt: The Farley Center

Have you gotten the dirt? Every other Thursday evening, F.H. King hosts a Get the Dirt Potluck Dinner, featuring a regional speaker with an enlightening presentation. A few weeks back, Mariela Quesada Centeno took the floor, speaking on behalf of the Linda and Gene Farley Center. Founded in 2009, The Farley Center strives to achieve peace, justice, and sustainability by offering educational opportunities throughout Southwest Wisconsin. In 2010, it began The Farm Incubator Program, providing racial and ethnic minorities with the land, tools, education, and support to become successful farmers. With a one-track mind to success, The Farley Center had already launched two multi-farm immigrant farmer CSAs by 2011, providing plentiful opportunities for a myriad of Latin American and Hmong immigrants. Through the Farm Incubator Program, The Farley Center not only strengthens the sustainable local-food economy of our own Wisconsin community, but also dismantles some of the inequalities present in the agricultural sector. Culturally, economically, and politically, The Farley Center works for the common good. And that’s the dirt.

From cranberry farming to coordinating at the Willy Street Co-op, our Get the Dirt Dinners are sure to keep you in the loop. Be sure to check out this series, re-beginning in February 2013.