We All Want More Local Food Available For Everyone.

Set at 8 o’clock AM in Monona (a time a little too early in the morning for winter break), two other F.H. King members and myself made the trek across town to attend… Continue reading

Cure For the Rainy Day Blues: sausage making workshop with UFC.

Thanks to Jonny Hunter of Underground Food Collective and Nancy Gaedke and Michael Sussman of Cross Plains, F.H. King members got to move beyond vegetables last night as we learned how to butcher… Continue reading

The Politics of School Lunch.

During my thirteen years of public school education, I can count the number of school lunches I consumed on both hands.  Although I often begged for those alluring meals of hotdogs, nachos and… Continue reading

Plants that Heal.

I met Danna Olsen in April, while working on creating a garden out of vacant land in the Bayview Neighborhood.  She was one of three volunteers to show up at the event, and… Continue reading

Days 13, 14 & 15

Cloudy!!!  Ick, ick, ick, no wonder I’ve been crabby.  Hopefully more beautiful pictures to come!

Day 12.

Day 11.

More cloudy skies in Madison, no sunset today 😦

Day 10.

Bike the Barns (and also Day 9 of the Sunset Challenge).

So, again, it is cloudy outside and that equates no sunset over the beautiful Lake Mendota…  No wonder people hate these rainy days. However, despite the lack of sunset, there appears to be… Continue reading

Day 8.

Okay so on Day 6, I was at work, and Monty’s Blue Plate Diner prefers I serve customers than run outside taking pictures 😦  And on day 7, there was no sunset because… Continue reading