We Conserve.

As you may or may not have noticed, last week at Harvest Handouts, there were 2 big green bins beside our produce stand.  These bins have been strategically placed (after being hauled across… Continue reading

Looking towards the future.

I got back from vacation 12 days ago.  After a hectic week of training at two new jobs followed by a weekend with my family back home in Evansville, I finally had a… Continue reading

Community Action Coalition.

In a public health class I took over the spring semester, we frequently discussed disparities in public health as a product of social inequalities.  Rather than blame people for the seemingly poor choices… Continue reading

F.H. King’s newest addition: Full Cycle Freight!

Hello all, It’s Darin, one of the bike compost interns. I’ll be writing a few words while Lauren is on her travels A great big welcome to the newly expanded and renewed bicycle… Continue reading

En route.

The time has come for my travels abroad, and I apologize for my absence during a pretty eventful time for F.H. King. Seeds and seedlings are being planted. The bike compost program is… Continue reading

Food culture.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my number one, self-defeating habit: when final exams and projects begin to pile up, I have an overwhelming urge to bake something, to cook something, to make… Continue reading

This Beautiful Weather.

The sun has finally begun to shine and the rain has subsided for more than a day.  It is finally time to begin working in the garden! The extreme moisture followed by sunshine… Continue reading

This Terrible Weather.

In case you stepped outside on Tuesday (which I certainly tried to avoid), the ice rain probably kept you slipping and sliding.  Add in the wind and hail, and making it to class… Continue reading

Household Husbandry and Its Sweet Rewards.

Lately, I’ve been reading the essays of Wendell Berry on farming and food.  In several of his essays he discusses the connections that used to exist between farms and households.  When he grew… Continue reading


You now know the importance of good soil.  But if you plan to grow a garden this summer, there is a little more you need to know.  Like when, where and how to… Continue reading